Create hosted digital Portfolios and WebSites with simple Blocks or Code using the latest WordPress customised with Tools and Features for education. Create as many pages/sites as you like (<100MB) and submit for grading with a simple weblink. Teach students Web Development or create digital portfolios for a range of subjects.

Students can register with a school email address and password which will never be shared with any other party and stored safely on our servers in Australia ( Student portfolios and sites are publicly available on the internet, however individual pages or the entire site can be made private with password only viewing (Privacy Policy & Student Protection)


StudentSites is mobile friendly and with simple design techniques, your sites will look great on mobiles and ipads etc.

Yes, your WebSites on StudentSites are available to anyone on the web, however, you can password protect any of your pages easily or make your site completely private and not on the internet.

No, we have lots of great site content creation tools appropriate for many different subjects and the site can easily be submitted for assessment with a simple link.

No, you can make detailed full websites with our many editor tools.

We don’t allow any comments or communications at all either on published websites or within the editor. Furthermore, students can password protect their pages if desired or not publish to the internet at all if they choose.

Site owners can add other StudentSites members eg. group members or Teachers who can access their website editor and different roles can be set.

Yes, we have awesome tools for creating online Quizzes, Surveys and Voting Polls. Just send a link for others to do them online and then collect all results from your Dashboard.

No, we use the latest “Block” editor from WordPress which doesn’t require any coding. However, you can easily switch to “Code” and directly edit the HTML and CSS etc.