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Website Dashboard


Checkout the Start Guide for help or the Video Guide & Example Portfolio.

To get started simply create a page using the “Pages” tool on the left hand side of this dashboard (after you create a new site). On your new empty page, start adding content with the “+” symbol (top left) which allows you to add content blocks then “Publish” or “Update” (top right) and “View Page” to checkout your new live site content. Go back to the editor with “Edit Page”. Just remember that your “editor” is different to your live site pages but if you are logged in you can always see your “Tool bar” as a black bar at the top of the page.

You can create as many new sites and pages as you like (Max 100Mb). View your live site on any internet connected device like your mobile phone once it is “Published” although you can password protect it with “Page” settings (right hand side).