Lesson Starters

Don’t forget the Start Guide and Video Guide for extra help.

Checkout the Exemplar Basic Website

StudentSites is a tool for creating Websites and uses WordPress on which 40% of all websites are based. StudentSites allows you to create website content and publish it to your own site on the internet. This process is called web development and is an in demand skill and relatively well paid. So, you will be learning relevant and in demand skills that will help you get a good job or start your own business in web development.

Build a Basic Website

This unit builds a basic website with a few pages and menu navigation and focuses on basic content creation skills rather than design layout.

Create a Site

When you login you will be directed to “My-Profile” which shows your profile and your class group. Click on the “Sites” tab down the bottom then “Create New Site” and follow the instructions to grab a site with your desired name. Alternatively, you can click on “New Site” in the top black admin toolbar.

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Make a Home Page

Create a home page which is your title page for your eportfolio (website). Start with a normal assignment title and a relevant photo. Come back after you have learnt how to add some cool features and make your front page awesome. Checkout the exemplar Home Page.

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Grab Image

Open your browser (Chrome or Edge etc) and search for your desired image eg “technology” then click on images.

  1. Open your browser (Chrome or Edge etc) and search for your desired image eg “technology” then click on images.
  2. Open “file explorer” (yellow folder icon on your desktop) and make a new folder in your pictures folder called “website” for example.
  3. Hover over the picture in the browser that you want and “right click” “save picture as” and then navigate to your new website folder in pictures and save it with a relevant name like “tech1”. Only “.jpg”, “.png” or “.jfif” file formats are allowed.
  4. Edit your photo if needed such as cropping in any picture editor (paint, paint3D, word, powerpoint etc).

Make a Page

Go to “Add New Page” under the “Pages” Icon on the left hand side of your “Dashboard” and name your new page “Home Page”

Add your titles

Add some titles like you would for a normal assignment such as Subject Name, Class, Student Name etc. Just start typing after you click where it says “Start writing….” and then either make it a heading by clicking on the paragraph icon and selecting desired heading # or change the Font size on the right hand side.

Add an Image

The simplest way to add an image is drag your image file and drop it onto your editor page. Alternatively, click on the “+” in top left then search for image, then upload image and finally select. If you drag and drop your image directly onto the editor page it will be saved in your “Media” tool on the left hand side tools bar.

Style Text

Add custom styling to your text and make them stand out. Click on the text box that you want to add styling and on the right hand side using the “Typography” tools such as “Background”, “Border” and “Colour Settings” to make impactful styling like below.

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Create a Photo Gallery

  1. Grab desired images (perhaps themed like horses or cars etc- about 10 images) and save them in your folder as above. Crop or edit images as desired and save.
  2. Create another page called “Photo Gallery” using “Pages”- “Add New Page” then create galleries as below.

Checkout the exemplar Photo Galleries Page.

Static Photo Gallery

The easiest photo gallery to make is using the “Gallery” block which creates a static or non-moving gallery. In your new page called “Photo Gallery” select the “+” symbol (top left in photo editor) and drag and drop your image files into the “Gallery” block on your page. Click “Update” and then “View Page” to see your page on the net rendered. Click the “Edit Page” in the top black bar to get back to the editor.

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Dynamic Photo Gallery

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Popup Box

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Image Hotspot

Fun Picture Quiz (Poll)

Buttons, Links, Icons & Animations

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Customise your Website Theme