Terms and Conditions

StudentSites T/A Steminabox provides educational training services, resources and projects and you the contractor holds Steminabox and related parties harmless from any action, claims, liability or loss in respect of the performance of these services.

Before using any of our products, it is your responsibility to ensure that you conduct your own risk assessment and implement appropriate risk management strategies for any of our products or suggested learning activities.

Acceptance of these terms is confirmed by the purchase, or trial use, of our goods. 


By default StudentSites is setup to prevent any communication or interaction with Users creating Sites for student protection reasons.

All pages on all created sites can be fully password protected, if desired, so that anybody wishing to view published sites will need the password from the site owner.

When creating sites, users of StudentSites need to ensure that they don’t inadvertently place identifying information on their Site such as names, photos or geolocation data etc.

For some sites you may deliberately want to advertise details about your School or Class but this should only be done under the direct guidance of your Teacher/School. For example, you may want to create a class project website and then link or embed that on your school website?

Websites created on StudentSites are hosted on the internet and can be viewed by anyone who has the URL so Users need to take responsibility and consider preserving their anonymity when adding content to their Site Pages or password protect viewing of their pages.

Page Comments

Page comments are turned off throughout StudentSites by default for student protection reasons i.e. site viewers on the internet cannot post comments like a blog etc. As mentioned above, even viewing the site can be password protected easily by the site owner.